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ACSIA Partners, LLC
Licensed Insurance Agent, Specializing in Long Term Care Since 1997
Janet Washburn has been a licensed insurance agent specializing in long term care since 1997, offering educational services to assist with planning for the biggest financial risk Americans face – that of needing long term care services.

She is also the Director of Training & Recruiting for ACSIA Partners, LLC, responsible for a national network of 300 agents. ACSIA has been an industry leader for over 50 years. Janet started her career at ACSIA and previously served as its national trainer after devoting 5 years as a Financial Services Representative, Registered Principal and Agency Sales Director for two MetLife offices. After taking time to focus on another business interest, Janet was recruited back by ACSIA to serve in a larger capacity while also marketing long term care insurance solutions.

Having personally cared for her terminally ill mother, she’ll tell you she learned first-hand the physical ailments and financial losses incurred by caregivers. Ask Janet about her ex-father-in-law needing 5+ years of care running through all his assets, plus her step-daughters’ mother at age 47 having a stroke and taking up permanent residence within the Medicaid system. These ‘real world’ experiences deepened her passion and commitment to the importance of planning for long term care.

Janet offers objective side-by-side comparisons of long-term care solutions including employer benefits, executive carve-out, self-employed tax advantaged plans, critical illness, and today’s popular asset-based, hybrid long-term care/life insurance plans and often works in partnership with local financial services professionals to assist their clientele.
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