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Workers Compensation Experience Modifier

By Stephen Kirby, Galt Insurance Group

Workers Compensation is one of the most critical insurance coverages that employers purchase.  The rating factors vary widely from state to state so monitoring your loss activity can have a meaningful impact on the price you pay versus your competitors.  The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) reviews loss data from carriers in 36 states.  The primary data they provide back to the carriers relates to the Experience Modification Factor.  This reflects a company’s specific loss history compared to others in a similar industry.  Two companies with similar payrolls and job type exposure can realize dramatically different premiums based upon their history of loss types and amounts. Click here to read more >>>

Want to Be Better at Public Speaking?

By Linda Blackman, Signature Speaking, LLC

If you want to have better public speaking skills, one of the ways to begin is to have great eye contact.

For many, that is easier said than done.

Here is an easy exercise to quickly help you develop better eye contact.

Identify someone you feel close to who will do a  harmless eye contact exercise with you three times a day, for a minute each time.

Select a spouse, significant other, friend or co-worker.  For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll call this person your partner. Click here to read more >>>

Luxury Home Builder Opening Doors for Teachers and Students through Classroom Grants Program

By Champions For Learning

Naples Luxury Builders is dedicated to making sure that every Naples custom home building experience — from the design stage to the final luxurious detail — is done with pride, honor, and integrity. Owner Steven Sunquist and wife Beverly, who have called Southwest Florida home for 15 years, are committed to excellence in every facet of custom home building, working tirelessly to make sure that every detail is done above and beyond client expectations. Click here to read more >>>

The Best Events Are On The Water

By The Naples Princess

For over 28 years, Naples Princess has been celebrating the breathtaking beauty of Southwest Florida as a popular Naples attraction. Founded in 1991 with a modest 80′ cruise vessel and a limited schedule, the company has operated consistently on one mission: deliver first-class service, quality dining, entertainment and cruise experiences to those who love historic Naples, Florida. Not an easy task, but a mission accomplished because Naples Princess Cruises has a team of talented cruise professionals that have been with the company for ages. The boat is always maintained to represent it as it’s brand new and recently underwent a million-dollar renovation. Click here to read more >>>

How to Clean Your Closet – The Right Way

By Aaron McGill, Fior Bespoke

We’ve all been there. Inevitably, the start of the workweek creeps upon you, and your weekend is just hours from being over. You had made plans last weekend to clean out your closet, but you spent no time getting things done. Now the morning of your workweek is here, and you can’t find anything to wear without digging through utter madness.

What you need is not motivation, my friend. You need discipline! You need an outline that’s easy to understand and easy to master. Your intentions, while they may be true, are overwritten by the universal human desire to get things done ‘quick and easy.’

So, you ask, how can my closet ever get cleaned – and stay cleaned – without constant work? Well, the answer is simple. You can’t. What you can do is work smart, not hard.

Here are five tips I’ve learned over the years of owning a tailoring shop about how to keep a clean closet without overloading your day-to-day life. Click here to read more >>>


By Safe and Sound

Locks are supposed to restrict access to unauthorized persons. That could mean no burglaries in your house, no theft in your office. But we’ve all seen situations wherein we’ve forgotten our keys, locked ourselves out, lost keys, or the lock is too damaged to open, and you’re locked inside. If you’re sick, you contact a doctor, if your fan is not working, you call an electrician. And yet, the idea of calling a locksmith is so new for certain people. Here are some of the reasons why you would need a locksmith, and you might realize you already need a locksmith as you read them all. Click here to read more >>>

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